Request Management Module gives tools to manage the whole life cycle of a request:
- to create a reaquest
- to analyze a request
- to assign responsible people or department
- to initiate a project
- to document subtasks
- to resolve the request
- to report time and resources consumed
- to initiate an information request
- to respond to an information request
- to attach a person to notification list

It further facilitates
- to analyse all your requests
- to get cost information
- to report 'project status'

The web based system, as you see, it is multi-company. However, it is customized for individual company. Security, menu, personalization , codes, reports etc.,. are all under your own administrators' control to customize.

Check us out and talk to us at info@synergy-us.com.

The web-based system uses a 3-tier architecture utilizing M-V-C guidelines. The database structures are independent of the business logic which again is isolated from the presentation layer. XML is used in many places for data transfer.
The solution is tested on many servers including Bea Weblogic, I-Planet, Websphere, Apache/Tomcat, Allaire Jrun and so on.