How does it work?
Synergy Request Management Module is a versatile product. It is a very simple product in design. Most options are configurable. Please refer to "architecture descriptions" to read the real tall claims about interoperability and scaleability

If you are our existing customer, the usage of the system is free. We want to prove it you that this is a viable system and it will improve your control of requests. If you are our customer, your company is already set up to use the system.
At this point in time, we controlling the access ourselves because we are not sure about the security levels to be implemented. We have disabled registration for the time being. You will have to contact us to be set up as a user.

There are different levels of security implemented. For example, you may be authorized to one or more functions such as create, modify, analyze, resolve, approve and close requests. You may be able work on requests created by you or by your department or company.

You can also add action notes, messages and resource consumption as required - also restricted by security.

The reports can be generated by different options. Also, forms can be produced. These forms can be modified by you to match your requirements.
The customizations are possible at company level or individual level. The menus and rendering are also user definable. In fact, there are very few aspects of the system that can not be customized and personalized.
"Right now, there is no other framework which allows you to customize lik SWAF. There are costlier ones, but none as versatile as SWAF - especially when you want to mix and match AS/400, Oracle, PC, Progress and so on".

With Request Management, you can get a working web-based system. If EJB is your game, we will do that too.

Challenge us and be pleasantly surprised!